Monday, March 29, 2010

Time to Blog? Write On, Baby

I have often wondered who has time to blog? Writing requires time to compose, then edit, then reread, then edit again. . . and I actualy think that's fun! But the time constraint gets to me. However, if I can try to be more efficient (work smarter, not harder) and less of a perfectionist. . . I'll get there! So, if you want to be a part of the ride, thank you! Blogging is a more personal medium than jouralism. . . in the old days, you could get personal and confessional at least somewhat, but for now, it's kind of straight and while a good exercise in conciseness and moderation, kind of tedious all the time.

Anyway. I am still figuring out this thing, so. . . maybe this will be the blog for writing, and the other one, for music? We shall see!

Whatever it takes. . . people who write for a living (or make music for a living) inspire me and so, thank you and let's go. . . check out the other blog, too -- until I work all the kinks out.

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