Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fear of What? and Facing It Head On

On August 17, I opened a box that housed an iMac computer. . . Matthew had to practically hold my hand. I felt excited, along with some fear and shame for spending money, since I and my husband have been unemployed for well over a year. But that's besides the point. Point is, I'm making the switch to Mac from PC -- which is kind of huge. I am thinking it will help my saleability, knowing Macintosh, too. But since I have SO MANY files on PC, it's tough. . . thank goodness for the Seagate external hard drive! I've got to install that software (Windows for Mac. . . or is it MS Office for Mac? Whatever!).
At any rate, I'm glad that I finally have a machine that has the potential to do so much cool stuff. . . and hopefully, to find new ways to monetize my life!

This machine is solely for my use -- period! And now I can go to cool secret Mac User parties (a-hem!).

PS - thank you, God!

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