Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2-20-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians – Starter Job #48 (“Oh Bondage, Up Yours!”)

Around this time, a lot of bands came out -- especially from the U.K. -- that were real cute, real pop, and adorable. I loved the Revillos (or Rezillos) who did “Where’s the Boy for Me?” I also loved the immensely amusing X-ray Specs and Poly Styrene who sang “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!” Which reminds me. . .

I actually knew a girl at this time who dabbled in S&M work for good pay. A versatile girl, she did bondage as both a submissive and a dominant. That was an interesting survival job, but the burnout rate and psychic price was way high. Her memoir, “I Was For Sale,” was a real page turner -- not sure if it’s around as a mass market or even available, but this gal was really cool and kind of crazy. But really, who wasn’t? She always had great boots and clothes, and was very secretive, cool, and scary smart.

She was just a little more over the top than most. For a while, she lived out in Brooklyn, near Park Slope, in a cool big old apartment with a guy she married who was certainly interesting. They had a party one time and showed an album of pictures from the wedding and honeymoon. There was a picture of him holding his, shall we say, impressive penis or massive hard-on, sitting back on the bed.

I quickly flipped the page over, thinking they hadn’t meant to leave that in the album. But no: that was a proud memory they shared. She came over, flipped the page back, commented on it, and laughed. Oh well.

Togetherness sure has some interesting connotations; every couple has its limits -- or no limits, in this case. Maybe a little TMI, you know?

That same visit, along with several other friends, we went horseback riding in the Park on some overworked animals who were capable of a brisk canter when least expected. How I held on for dear life with my knees and arms (leaning over on the horse’s neck, holding its mane while holding the reins), I’ll never know. Just glad I didn’t fall off & get hurt. . . horses are big, beautiful, nervous, scary animals!

I still won’t name this nutty girl because I’m not sure she’d want me to. At any rate, she was a hoot and wound up making a lot of money on Wall Street, then moved to France (always a smart girl) where her failing health is aided and abetted by a great social welfare system. She’s still coming up with creative projects and probably some more scams, too.

Here’s to making that smart life choice, like she did. . . and getting your pony AND cookie in life!

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