Thursday, September 27, 2012

9-26-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians -- Starter Job #209 (“How’m I Doin’?” -- and we tell him, too! -- Part 2)

Much the same way anything interesting and excellent happened for the Washington Squares, Tom Goodkind got us into some improbable and cool situations. Keep in mind, he probably had some help from his wife, Jill, who was in Public Relations and carried her camera around to snap us with all kinds of celebs, including Hollywood types, an up-and-coming Whoopi Goldberg and a well known actor, Robert Duvall. . . . both very nice to us, actually.

At any rate, we had a request one holiday season (’87 or ’88?) to play for Mayor Koch and guests as a party at his home, Gracie Mansion. I was more excited for my mom and Rick’s parents to know we were doing it more than personally, I think. I just hoped we’d play and sing well, and get a nice meal and some $ out of the deal. Really, I have very simple motives -- and I’m not easily impressed. All right, I’m impressed by kindness, magnanimousness, compassion, and fun. I will namedrop if it helps the listener with placing the person, place or thing I’m trying to describe. Face it, most people seem captivated by tales of celebrities, and I hate to disappoint. . .

So, when the Washington Squares played a party for Mayor Koch at Gracie Mansion, we ate well and played well. The salad dressing especially was really excellent, so I asked the chef how to make it and I still whip up a yummy balsamic Dijon vinaigrette based on what we had at Gracie Mansion back in the late ‘80’s.

Shary Flenniken -- Bruce’s wife -- spent some time bending Ed Koch’s ear at the party. Tom was annoyed with her, maybe because he wanted to also talk to hizzoner but didn’t want to impose? Nah, Tom wasn’t that kind of person; I was more prone to worry about making an imposition on people at the wrong place and time. . . 


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  3. Hi. I'm having trouble trying to leave a comment here. Let me try once more. This is Randy Bowles, in Seattle, WA.

    I met Bruce Paskow in Seattle around 1989. We became fast friends. We were in a men's group together. Bruce reminded me of a cross between Woody Allen and Bruce Springsteen. One night, Bruce took it upon himself to psychoanalyze one of our fellow members. It was like a Twilight Zone version of Woody Allen, at work. The guy never attended another meeting!

    Bruce played lead guitar and did backing vocals on a song I wrote which was on an award-nominated album my band, Spirit Ridge, released in 1990. Here's a link to the song. BTW I absolute love love loved the Washington Square. My wife and I were huge fans. When I met Bruce, and he told me he was in the group, I just about fell on the floor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfnKWFkQRt0