Thursday, October 4, 2012

10-01-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians -- Starter Job #210 (The fun stuff -- being in the recording studio with “You Are Not Alone”)

When you’re a musical group, especially if you make your own music and write songs, you want to be in the recording studio, tracking your progress by doing sessions. That’s the lingo. . . yeah, musicians doing sessions; we sound like jazzers or something sophisticated-like.

At any rate, we did record demos (all analog -- it WAS the eighties, after all, and CDs were just starting to happen), notably for a few labels like , with Steve Burgh in NYC, and also in Nashville.

Yup, that’s right: Bert Stein, the VP of our record company, had a working relationship with a few Nashville-based songwriter/producers, notably a guy names David Malloy. Malloy’s friend, Spady Brannon (sounds VERY Nashville, eh?), often wrote with him. Stein was pushing us to record one of the songs they sent him on a demo (written by somebody named “Jason Snaarz,” which we thought suspect -- was probably Malloy and Brannon for all we knew) called “You Are Not Alone.”

Because we’re good musicians, we learned the song and arranged it with our three part harmonies (“stirring!”) and pretty acoustic guitars. . . before you knew it, it became a nice little anthem for the disenfranchised (“They’ve got the system/You’re out on your own/They’ve got ways to make it seem like they’re right/And you’re always wrong. . . They’ve got the power of the press behind them. . . etc. etc.  till the chorus: YOU ARE NOT ALONE/YOU ARE NOT ALONE).

We truly hated the song at first, but it grew on us. . . and it made it to our first album, oddly enough.

I’d still like to know who Jason Snaarz is. . .

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