Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6-20-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians – Starter Job #130 (Starting Out Again. . .in the Big Apple with a new survival job at One U: Brenda Ballerina’s Conquest)

So, Brenda ballerina had eyes for M.A. but didn’t have the wherewithal to pursue him.  He remained friendly, yet distant.  She did, however, find consolation by talking with Jimmy at the bar.  The funny, loose-limbed bartender with the rubbery face made Brenda laugh, and she took a shine to him.  Jimmy took a shine to whoever gave him a chance, so it was a perfect match, for a night.

It was kind of cute to see Brenda and Jimmy at the bar, flirting.  He acted extra silly and showed off for her benefit, juggling lemons and limes, shaking up cocktails in comical ways.  She had an extra sashay in her prim ballerina walk. . . actually kind of a pigeon-toed walk.  Brenda was so skinny, yet strong.  She could pick up those big hotel trays full of 6 - 8 dinners and move them across the floor, effortlessly and with grace.  The build up to a romantic encounter is always mesmerizing to witness, and I enjoyed seeing their sexually tinged repartee.

The day after spending the night (or a portion thereof) with Jimmy, Brenda reported back: “Oh, he’s so good!”  I don’t know if we were all just naturally horny or if it was the dictum of the day, what with the sexual revolution, Erica Jong’s zipless fucks and what-all.  This was just before AIDS became a terrible plague on so many talented and beautiful men. . . and eventually women too.

At any rate, one night stands did happen on occasion between coworkers and it might have been a little awkward to keep working together without a relationship but. . . those were the breaks. 

I’ll say it again: One U was a lawless place.  You had to be really tough on several levels to work as hard physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Once Brenda and Jimmy had their moment, it was back to work -- but not as much fun between them. 

M.A. continued being Brenda’s crush, but in a less frantic way on her part.  They became friends because she’d always linger around & talk with him. . . I don’t know if he cared one way or the other, as M.A. was as inscrutable as he was mysteriously employed -- or not.  Claudia with her eyes of awe giggled more after talking with him, so there was some competition going on.  What a lucky man he was, with all that young female attention; small wonder why M.A. and the like would come around and hang at One U.

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