Sunday, April 1, 2012

3-29-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians – Starter Job #86 (Cut to -- follow up on Nora & Patrick)

Well!  I must say, being online does have its perks -- especially when writing about daze gone by.  . .  because thinking about special people you’ve known makes you wax nostalgic and even, sometimes, do something about that. 

And so.  . .  I thought, darn it, I really miss people like Patrick.  How can I find him again?  I didn’t think he’d be angry at me or anything because who knows why people fall out of touch?  I’m sure things just got busy on both sides of the pond with our love lives, professional lives (or lack thereof on my part), etc.

I checked FaceBook first. . .  many many people are on that silly site and I thought, look there first.  No dice.  So, of course, it’s Google to the rescue!  I googled his name and found him almost immediately. . . working for a securities firm in London.  Thank goodness he stayed in the same field (finance)! 

Anyhoo, I emailed him:  (subject line) Are you the same Patrick Marvin I met in London in 1981 with Nora Russell?

(then I wrote) . .  If you aren't, my apologies and please don't worry.  I'm just thinking about an old friend from the UK and feeling somewhat nostalgic; we've been out of touch and I would love to know where he is and if he's doing well.

The Patrick I knew was always proud of his work in "the city" (in the financial sector) and so, I just am trying to find him.  He grew up in Lincolnshire.

Well, take care and be well whether you're him or another Patrick Marvin!


Lauren Agnelli

And he answered!  

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