Sunday, April 15, 2012

4-11-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians – Starter Job #99 (Blushes: The Other Side of the Main Squeeze, pt. 2)

I think that people “took the piss” and put me on a lot because, A. they liked me, and B. I was pretty gullible.  But I made a few friends who were very likeable and clued me in, eventually, so I didn’t carry resentment long.

Two of my favorite people (or should we say favourite?) were Felicity and Martin.  My firend, Felicity’s, nickmame was “Billie”: a dirty blonde with short wavy hair and blue eyes, tall and lanky, very confident and funny with so much energy!  She was an absolute hoot.  She had a boyfriend (later fiancé) named Stephen but while working at Blushes, the bartender, Martin, flirted with her shamelessly and of course how could she help but flirt back?  He was a very handsome and personable guy, in his early twenties, with a smart alecky, Rhett Butler sort of thing about him. And smart?! Martin was definitely clued in and almost fox-like in his ability to be cagey.  He made great tips because he was an astute judge of human nature and smart enough to draw people out and not talk too much. He made people want to talk and “unload.”  I watched him with fascination, especially when he’d try to impress and beguile Billie. 

Billie/Felicity was also smart -- smart to know she could flirt with Martin and sort of string him along (she’d have loved to be his girlfriend but for the fact she already had a boyfriend, Stephen, whose prospects were quite good PLUS he was of a better social class. ).  Her beau, Stephen, was really a good guy, and very SOLID as far as his temperament and personality. Where Martin was brilliant and mercurial, Stephen was an anchor.  He let Felicity know he cared and loved her, and promised her security in the relationship.  Martin was a loose gun or a question mark -- intriguing, but a little dangerous.  Sort of a bad boy/good guy dynamic. . .

Billie really liked both of them, liked being around them both.  She was contagiously compelling to one and all (the word “likable” keeps coming back), a very likable English girl with a good head on her shoulders and good looks.  I feel a little bad not knowing her any more. . . maybe I’ll look for her, too, online?  Don’t remember her last name, though. . . I’m sure she married Stephen and they had a family.

I do hope she’s happy. . . and I wonder what became of Martin, too?  (As for Tim, I hope he eased up on the substances, legal and illegal. . . nice guy, really.)

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