Sunday, April 15, 2012

4-08-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians – Starter Job #96 (Flirtin’ & Hurtin’ at the Main Squeeze?)

Probably the best reason to work in a bar/restaurant or members club in London like the Main Squeeze would be – for a writer – the amazing assemblage of colorful characters who’d frequent the premises.  Oh yes. 

I’m remembering one young man (in his early thirties – five or so years older than I was at the time) who dressed well, wore aviator glasses and a sort of dirty blond David Cassidy shag haircut.  His name was David and he had a lovely smile and was unfailingly polite.  He worked in the United States part time, so even though we’d see him regularly at the Main Squeeze (was in the neighborhood, so he was a walker), I knew he’d be in San Francisco for weeks at a time.  Jeez, that was half way around the world!  Definitely made him interesting.  David’s business was in technology and travel. . . remember, this was pre-internet but computers were on the rise.

Did I flirt?  If you know me at all in person, the answer is OF COURSE!  I do believe that being charming and sweet, using kindness and warmth even if it does seem slightly sexual (I have never been overtly sexy or the kind of girl who flaunts it – sigh).  One of the things I’ve learned over the years about flirts, though, is that they love the initial “flirtiness” but don’t usually follow through. I see no reason to not flirt, if the spirit moves me, because I’m not trying to seduce people into bed, I just want to touch their hearts and give them a little joy. . . I just like being sweet.

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