Monday, April 30, 2012

4-25-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians – Starter Job #113 (On Holiday with Carrie & Patrick in the English countryside)

Before leaving London, my sister, Carrie, came to visit in September of 1982 and we took off on a motor trip, with a few friends on the first leg.

For the first part of that trip, Patrick and his friend, Simon, joined us -- with another young man who was really sweet, who I’ll call Andrew (don’t really remember his name).  Everybody got along except for Simon, a cranky young guy who was very snippy.  Everybody else was easygoing and very happy to be larking about.

First (I think!) we visited Patrick’s parents in Lincolnshire -- lovely people, of course -- and visited the Lincoln Cathedral, where the legendary “Lincoln Imp” resided.  Then we went south, to Brighton and to Stonehenge.  Carrie and I wanted to see the sights we most desired, and those would include Brighton (because of Jane Austen books), Stonehenge (because it’s cool), and Liverpool (because of the Beatles).  Of course, native Englishmen aren’t besotted with their own national treasures so with us they figuratively grew new eyes to gaze at these wonders. . .

(Patrick & Lauren in Brighton)

We had a lovely traditional English tea in some country town, and I kept confusing a “high tea” with a “cream tea” so I thought we were having a “high cream tea.”  Ha!  At any rate, I did drink much more tea in England (as you’d expect) than I did in America because it was delicious.  PG Tips tea is still a great treat for me; tea with milk, no sugar, please.

 (Carrie & Patrick at our little "high cream tea")

I was so glad that Carrie & Patrick got along so well, and so glad that I made such fun & sweet new friends. . . but I felt a little sad, knowing my time in England was marked. . .

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