Friday, August 10, 2012

8-05-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians -- Starter Job #169 (Yuppie Culture in NYC, So let’s talk style). . .

Yes indeed, in Working Girl, yuppie style was explained and exhibited very well. . . from the running shoes that girls wore to work then changed into sexy heels at the office to the conservative jewelry, pearls and little tank watches and little gold hoops (hate to admit it but I am partial to that kind of subtle, ladylike jewelry. . . could it be the closet yuppie in me?).

Hairstyles were generally conservative, with excellent cuts, subtly coiffed unless you were one of the “working classes,” where a more extreme female or male hairstyle was tolerated. A true yuppie had short hair if a man, and very manageable hair, if female -- and frequently trimmed by expert, well paid, hairdressers.

Women wore shoulder padded suits and dresses, just like in the 1940’s, when fashion decreed that women could look more formidable, as they actually were given a little more power to achieve, just like in the 1980’s. Some of the suits looked downright mannish, in fact, kinda dowdy. The lines were boxy, not form fitting, and blouses resembled shirts, all buttoned down with little tie-like decorations.

Heels were kind of clunky and toes were squared or round-toed. . . but spikey high heels were also around, let’s not kid ourselves. I had a beautiful purple silk pants suit that I loved, and lots of black skirts. Sweaters weren’t so popular, but jackets and blazers were often worn.

For the men, conservative suits and starched shirts with semi-wide ties were worn, black or brown shiny lace-up wing tip shoes de rigeur. Unusual shirt colors like pink and lavender weren’t yet popular, with white being the uniform, mostly. Later on in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, dark blue shirts became the rage (and they look very nice, in general).

And even though this was all happening, I would wear my beret proudly on my head whenever the temperature dipped below 50. . . and a nice scarf around my neck. I have always had a thing for vintage silk scarves, like my mom.

Oh -- and red lipstick. Definitely red lipstick. So the eighties and yuppie fashion wasn’t ALL that bad. . . just looks dated, now.

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