Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8-20-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians -- Starter Job #184 (Working Temp in NYC: Questioning the temp employment agency worker’s choice)

On the employer/company level, how practical was that, hiring a handful of us temp workers to assemble annual reports for a week? That must have added up, along with paying overtime for god-knows-what and sending workers home after 9 PM in limousine car services.

Ah, the eighties were times for the luxe life, indeed -- even for the worker bees. No wonder Reagan was so popular. . . people thought he brought them wealth. To be kind, I thought that whole mindset was impracticable, though. . . it didn’t work, in the end, just like Lehman Brothers.

Anyway, as previously mentioned, office temps never got a raise or a bonus, and most wages stayed frozen at eighties rates well into the post Y2K world.

That is why there aren’t career temps, workers who just do temp work, I guess. For me, it was a viable solution to a creative life: I’d work in offices when I wasn’t on the road, or work in offices when I was trying to figure out my next creative move (in words and/or music).

I won’t keep on ranting here, but in a world where the price of everything else keeps going up and up except worker wages (the lowly temps!), how is that right? (If you call that Capitalism, I call it screwed up. . .)

I always was proud to sing about worker’s rights in the Washington Squares in the eighties because I was living that dichotomy, and my firsthand experience gave me added passion. Who better to care for the worker than a sister worker with a conscience and a voice?

Of course, I worked at my creative work and prayed for it to “take off” so I could stop worrying about the rent etc. But as you know, God works in mysterious ways -- as the stories in this blog surely attest.

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