Friday, July 13, 2012

7-09-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians – Starter Job #142 (The Washington Squares - Waxing on about Love & Romance)

Back in the Squares days, I was also excessively energetic and hormone-driven. I confess, I developed crushes on “cute guys” seemingly every other month. Most of the time, they liked me a lot but didn’t fall in love. . . because love is, indeed, a big mystery that nobody can really figure out. There are just so many “triggers” when it comes to love, so many factors that are inscrutable. I don’t think “love at first sight” is the only kind, but that’s fascinating in itself, right?

That kind of fast-attraction love gets sparked by hormones. . . you don’t hear about it happening with older people too much, unless it’s (generally) older men and younger women -- but there are other motivators there, too.

How about the kind of love that grows once you know somebody? The kind that develops with time until one day you look at your friend and go, “Wow. Here they are, right in front of my eyes, my very own friend and soul mate?”

Back in those days, I was rudderlessly, flounderingly in love with love and not having a smooth sail of it at all for about a year and a half in NYC as the female square, that saucy little gal who sang, strummed, and smiled big, who could stand up to almost anybody if need be.

And then, I became romantically linked with a great guy like my boyfriend, Rick, who I met in the middle of 1984. . .

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