Monday, July 30, 2012

7-26-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians – Starter Job #159 (The Washington Squares - On the Beach Boys Tour: Endless Fun Fun Fun)

One of the BB tour shows happened at a huge arena just outside Chicago. The weather that day was bizarre, I recall. We took turns driving our rental car and got kind of lost on the highways trying to get to the gig from our hotel rooms.

The sky just kept getting uglier and uglier. I complained how dark it was, and somebody in the car pointed out, “You’re still wearing your shades, Lauren!” Oh! I took off my Ray-Bans, but still: it was only midday and the sky still kept getting darker and darker, the color of a big purple and blue bruise. Scary! The rain let loose and golfballish hail filled the air and dented the car hood & roof. 

To the west we could see something even weirder in the sky: a large funnel cloud. Tornado time! I was more fascinated than scared at that point, but we pulled over on the side of the highway just because the precipitation was so horrible you could hardly see and somehow it seemed safer to stop. Traffic slowed or stopped in deference to the deadly show that Mother Nature presented for about thirty minutes.

Fleetly, the storm and its fury passed away. We started up the car and drove to the Chicago gig, car a little dented but safe again, where we all performed for about 8,000 BB fans. Wild day!

The next day, the tour played Milwaukee at some festival in a huge tent, and Victor from the Violent Femmes came out for a backstage visit. Here’s a pic of him and Billy Ficca.

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