Sunday, July 22, 2012

7-21-12 Survival Jobs for Writer-Musicians – Starter Job #154 (The Washington Squares - Poseurs!)

Thought I’d give the conflict a respite and include these photos of us.

1.    Our first album cover, blown up, at Tower Records in LA;

1.    The three of us in front of said album cover, posing as we were on the cover;

2.    Tom and Bruce with Mick Fleetwood -- posing (yes, he is very tall).

Whenever we were in a situation where other celebrities could be photographed with us, of course we were game. . . that was fun. We met a lot of cool people, sure -- and worked with a bunch of ‘em as well.

It was really cool that we were so enthusiastic about it and everybody looked good. But, after the first year of being “Squares,” I wanted to eschew the shades and wear the signature Beatnik chick eye makeup: heavy eyeliner & mascara. I thought that was a really cool look and I wanted to be seen that way. Yes, I have big brown eyes and I’m told they’re pretty -- so what’s the problem, guys?

“You’ll stand out if you don’t wear the shades -- and Ray Bans and berets are part of the deal.”

“Yeah, but so’s the beatnik chick Egyptian eyes -- that’s a very cool Beat look, too, and I can do it ‘cause I’m a girl.”

At this point I started to realize that it wasn’t in THEIR best interest to make me any kind of sex symbol -- or “be” the girl. Not that I was comfortable being a sexy chick but I didn’t mind looking hot in a classy way. Mesmerizing eyes were cool -- but not if two guys in your band fight you tooth and nail. . . 

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